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Lazy Add IAM Access Key

Use expect programming language to add you IAM access key by one enter

What’s In This Document

🚀 Write the code


set access_key [lindex $argv 0]
set screte_key [lindex $argv 1]

spawn aws configure

# Add access key
expect "]:"
send "$access_key\r"

# Add secrete key
expect "]:"
send "$screte_key\r"

# Default region
expect "]:"
send "\r"

# Default output format
expect "]:"
send "\r"


🚀 Run example

⚡ $ ./ a1234a b4567b
spawn aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [****************XXXX]: a1234a
AWS Secret Access Key [****************YYYY]: b4567b
Default region name [ap-northeast-2]:
Default output format [None]:

⚡ $ aws configure list
Name Value Type Location
---- ----- ---- --------
profile <not set> None None
access_key ****************234a shared-credentials-file
secret_key ****************567b shared-credentials-file
region ap-northeast-2 config-file ~/.aws/config

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