pelican-resume — Generate static resume web page

Quick Run ( ./ )

sed -i 's/THEME = .*'/THEME = "theme"/g'
rm -r output
pelican content/ -s -p 8000
pelican -l content -o output -s -p 8000 -r

The theme uses CDN bootstrap to fix the issue of missing background when printing/generate PDF

Awesome Font

Building static web page

  1. Run docker-compose in the EC2 instance: Create /mnt/pelican/site, copy the theme and to there (Need to change permission for mount volume folder)
  • Create AWS target group which listen to port 8000
  • Create domain point to the ALB
  • Generate listen rule from the ALB
  • Init stack
cdk init -l python
cdk deploy '*'


Image of Example
Image of Example




Awesome Devops || CloudOpz

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Vu Dao

Vu Dao

Awesome Devops || CloudOpz

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